Becoming a Backpacker, Chapter 2: Rounding Up Gear

Gear selection was tricky. For one, I’m a complete cheapskate. Secondly, I actually had very little money. Working three part time jobs had been my reality since getting remarried and moving to a new town, giving up the security of the full-time teaching position I’d had for the last 17 years. I was making aboutContinue reading “Becoming a Backpacker, Chapter 2: Rounding Up Gear”

Becoming a backpacker, chapter 1

We were sitting on the beach at a campsite at Munising Tourist Park, eating s’mores, drinking beer and watching the sunset when we hatched the idea. We’d spent the day hiking at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and had returned to our car-camping site for a swim, campfire, some beer, and bed. Robin asked, “So what’sContinue reading “Becoming a backpacker, chapter 1”

Autumn Hike at Warner Creek Pathway/Jordan Valley

For the first time in many hikes, I hiked alone today. My husband and I were in Charlevoix visiting family, and I stole away to get out on the trail while my husband and father-in-law went boodling around northern Michigan. There are so many cool places to go that just narrowing down a trail choiceContinue reading “Autumn Hike at Warner Creek Pathway/Jordan Valley”

Backpacking Isle Royale

This summer I spent five days on Isle Royale, a large island in Michigan’s northernmost Great Lake: Superior. My interest in Isle Royale had grown over the years, hearing other hikers’ stories and seeing pictures of moose and gorgeous rock formations. This year I felt like I was ready to hike someplace that remote. InContinue reading “Backpacking Isle Royale”