Two Flatlanders Attempt Mountains

“Do you still want the shuttle?” appeared in my Messenger alert. I watched the rain hitting the window pane, the tree limbs blowing in the early morning light, and wondered to myself if I did indeed want to be shuttled from this warm and dry place to the southern end of Shenandoah National Park atContinue reading “Two Flatlanders Attempt Mountains”

Becoming a Backpacker, Chapter 8: Flash Floods and Changes of Plans

As we left the trailhead in Harpers Ferry, mist quickly wetted our clothing and skin. The forest felt lush, and we easily followed the white blazes along a trail that was alternately soft packed dirt, puncheon, and lichen-covered rock. Eventually the mist stopped, but there were thunderstorms in the forecast for later on in theContinue reading “Becoming a Backpacker, Chapter 8: Flash Floods and Changes of Plans”